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The Self Care Blend (Elderberry / Apricot)

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per oz (makes 15-20 cups)

self care tea
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Always Hand-Blended Fresh
Always Hand-Blended Fresh
Free Sample with Every Order
Free Sample with Every Order
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100% Secure Checkout
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One of the things we just love about tea is how luxurious a simple cup of tea can feel. We want you to feel like a million billion bucks at a moment’s notice, which was exactly what our intention was when making the Self Care Blend, a relaxing herbal tea.

A curious pairing of elderberry (tart) and apricot (sweet), this all-organic tea has mellow flavors and is packed with nutrients. You’ll love this apricot tea paired with a hot bath, a good book, or after a nice spa treatment. Elderberry — believed to help us tap into our inner magic — helps expel toxins and helps with colds and viruses, and apricot is believed to be one of the most healing fruits in nature.

The Self Care Blend (Elderberry / Apricot)

4 reviews for The Self Care Blend (Elderberry / Apricot)

  1. Andy Hayes

    “Warm and mellow, perfect for a rainy day when you just need some TLC, a big comfy sweater, and your favorite music on in the background.”
    – Liz L

  2. Andy Hayes

    “This tea smells and tastes dee-frickin’-lish! My mind is kind of blown at how much of a punch this tea packs. Seriously, how does so much flavor live in this lil’ baggie? It’s also such a pretty blend.”
    – VeganBeautyReview.com

  3. Andy Hayes

    “Plum Deluxe’s Self-Care Herbal Blend is as lovely as I hoped it would be. It’s mellow and well-rounded, with apricot and elderberry flavors that blend well with its honeybush base. This is a great alternative to stronger, berry-flavored teas and ideal for savoring at night, especially when reading a good book.”
    – Sara

  4. Andy Hayes

    “Like the other blends I received from Plum Deluxe, it was an attractive mix, rich in warm color and filled with fruit bits and bright marigold petals. However, when I opened the packet, I had my doubts about this one. Despite the overwhelming apricot fragrance, I found that flavor to be much more subtle. Likewise, the typical tartness of elderberries was masked nicely by the sweet taste of apple. The apple was the flavor I found most prominent, and it made the brew sweet and smooth. Sweetening the tea brings out the flavor of the apricot, while a bit of milk toned down the flavor of the sweet fruits, bringing out the honeybush base and a hint of tartness from the berries.
    – Beth A

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It's not just interesting tea names and delightful flavors that make Plum Deluxe teas special.

It's not just tea, but community. Plum Deluxe customers not only enjoy delicious tea but have found pen-pals, best friends, and joyful conversation + connection as members of our tea lover's community - which you become a part of (for free!) when you purchase our teas.

Hand-blended in small batches to ensure fresh flavor & dazzling aroma.
Organic, fair trade ingredients from sources we know and trust.
Expertly-tested, carefully curated blends that not only look beautiful but taste great.
Non GMO, no corn, no soy, no gluten, no dairy.
No hidden sugars or sweetners.
Nothing artificial. Period.

Honeybush Tea, Elderberries, Apricots, Apple Pieces, Calendula, Natural Apricot Essence, Love, Gratitude.

Preparation Instructions: Steep 1 tsp in 8 oz boiling water for 3-5 min.


No caffeine.

This is a good alternative to our Cuddletime tea blend. It is absolutely delightful with a bit of heavy cream or a dab of honey, and also works well as an iced tea.

About the Tea Maker

I'm Andy Hayes, founder of Plum Deluxe and chief tea maker. Please allow me to walk you through the process I use to create the unique tea blends you'll discover being a Plum Deluxe tea drinker. While you may be envisioning lab coats and a giant factory with stacks of ingredients and curious equipment, the Plum Deluxe studio in Portland, Oregon is decidedly more low-key.

I start with an intention in mind - a great tea to sip while reading a book, the perfect tea for cheering on a holiday celebration, an ideal tea for serving after a big meal. I draw upon my intuition and years of experience to blend up 2 or 3 different "test teas."

Using ingredients from around the world, our flavors are often informed by our love for the Pacific Northwest. Examples of this can be seen in our limited-edition Portland Rose City Chai and the best-selling Oregon Breakfast Black Tea. Next, I steep, sip, review, adjust, repeat. Teas that pass muster often go out to a small group of "tea testers" for further evaluation. Only the best teas are hand-blended in larger batches for our Plum Deluxe customers.

We are a small, specialized, family-owned-and-operated business. You have my promise that everything we make is blended with love, positive intentions, and so much gratitude for you, our Plum Deluxe customer.


Tea Maker's Notes

Our first, and most popular, herbal tea blend. Great with a splash of creamer!

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