About Plum Deluxe

We created Plum Deluxe to be like a good friend – one that you always look forward to hearing from.

A message from Andy Hayes, our Founder and Creator…

My goal with Plum Deluxe is to create a place on the Internet you can always look forward to visiting, whether that’s exploring our blog and articlesjoining our tea of the month club community, or trying out some of our other special products, like coloring books and meditations.

The core of Plum Deluxe is our weekly email newsletter, The Blend. I’ve been writing that newsletter, filled with positive messages and creative ways for living a good life, every Sunday morning for over 8 years now.

We’re a little different than your typical lifestyle blog, and we’re very different than your typical online tea company. We’re a community – and one of my not-so-subtle goals is to share the story and lessons I learned from my mother, Pam.

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 59. The subsequent 5 years of her life while she battled the disease were some of the best years of her life. She took the opportunity for self-care days and spa treatments, to keep her spirits up. She went out to dinner parties with friends to celebrate each day, and went to the gym regularly and became very fit. She laughed more. She traveled more – visiting her favorite city, Paris, and finally visiting the town her family was from in Germany.

My mom taught me that no matter your circumstances, you can choose to create moments that matter, every day. And some of the most enjoyable moments are the small things – time to sleep in, relaxing in a reading nook, going on a neighborhood walk, or catching up with an old friend over a cup of tea.

We call this Making Moments that Matter, and Plum Deluxe is here to help you decide what kinds of moments are important to you – in order for you to live a life you love. We have a free worksheet to help you start to understand what moments matter to you.


About Our Name

We often get asked about our name – and why we put plums in our teas. None of our teas (at the moment) have plums in them. Plum Deluxe is our name, and the “plum” refers to the old English definition of plum as something that is lucky and unexpected. In more traditional tea cultures, anything that was plum related was said to be sacred and auspiciously special. We felt like this name, paired with the “deluxe” upgrade, was a good representative of the feeling we wanted to create in our community. Plum Deluxe, itself, does not mean anything specific – it’s what you choose to do with it that makes it lucky, unexpected, sacred, or auspiciously special.

Our logo is inspired by plum, the fruit – the purple outside with the orange inside. The lines on the outside of our logo reflect the different moments in your life, and the wave of the line shows that in any given moment, there can be highs and lows. This is the external world. The inside of the logo is smooth, and reflects our ideal inner emotional state. Together they symbolize that if we have a strong inner calm, we can handle any highs and lows in our external world.

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